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  •  Student Matinee Series

    Diversionary Theatre’s Student Matinee Program partners with San Diego middle and high schools and youth groups to provide access to theatre 100% free of charge. Our programming focuses on reaching young people with little or no access to the arts, promoting cross-cultural tolerance around LGBTQ themes and issues while cultivating a theatre-going audience for the future. At least one Student Matinee is scheduled for every show produced on our Mainstage.

    Diversionary’s Education Team works closely with each participating school and organization to ensure an enriching experience for students and educators alike. Our Education Team collaborates with the classroom teacher on scheduling a pre-show workshop where a Diversionary Teaching Artist visits the classroom to introduce the play’s subject matter and themes to the students using theatre games and an interactive lesson plan. We also offer assistance connecting our programming to Common Core Standards.

    Each Student Matinee is scheduled for 11am on Wednesdays, and immediately following the performance the students are treated to a talk back with members of the cast and creative team. The talk back is moderated and students are encouraged to ask questions and give feedback on their experience with the performance.

    Within a week after the Student Matinee, the same Diversionary Teaching artist returns to the classroom with a workshop to help the students contextualize the performance they attended and tie it back to their own lives.

    Diversionary also offers access to blocks of seats for student groups in our regular schedule of shows. Please be in touch with our Education Associate about arranging your group:

  • October 11th, 2017 at 11 am

    As the pendulum of progress continues to swing, a Brooklyn couple attempts to navigate the complexities of contemporary gay life together. Hopscotching back and forth over the timeline of their relationship, a sensual, hilarious and compelling story of their bond emerges. This brave, cutting-edge new play confronts the lingering dangers and interconnected values of our nation, and the way to our future may be found through our past.


    November 29th, 2017 at 11 am

    Among the bleakest of moors, two spinster sisters dwell in their aggressively gloomy mansion with their brother, their mastiff and their maid-in-waiting. When a governess arrives, her presence threatens to unleash lethal secrets and raging desires in a home held together by lies and etiquette. A radical riff on 19th century romantic novels and the sisters who conceived them, The Moors is a riotous and wild comedy pulsating with vivid, macabre glee that has more in common with the present than the period.


    February 21st, 2018 at 11 am

    Chris, the spirited daughter of an American missionary, falls head-over-heels in love with a local teenage girl in Northern Uganda. Late at night on eve of the millennium, they secretly meet in a church to exchange vows and plot their escape. But when the civil war outside invades their fragile union, the course of Chris’ life is changed forever. Confronting the religious and cultural roots of intolerance, this modern day parable explores America’s relationship with Africa, and the human capacity for forgiveness.


    April 11th, 2018 at 11 am

    Once upon a time in 1955, a magical kingdom was built on the founding principles of dreams, American idealism, and our wildest hopes. Eight years later, a quintessential American family reeling from the loss of their King embarks on a quest for restoration and deliverance in this kingdom. 50 years later, their expedition is brought to dazzling life in an effort to understand one’s place in family, the American way, and whether happiness is truly a place where dreams come true.


    June 20, 2018 at 11 am

    Following the life and evolution of Anita Bryant and her biggest fan, Tommy, The Loneliest Girl in the World magically charts the emergence of the gay rights movement on urgently intimate terms. By turns delightful and provocative, this inspiring new musical is a reminder of a battle yet won, the purpose of pie, and the power of an individual voice.

    Join our Student/Educator Mailing list below. If you are interested in attending a matinee, please contact  our Education Associate about arranging your group:

    619.220.6830 x 109

Two Week LGBT+A Acting Camp!

Diversionary is proud to present Teen-Versionary, our first teen acting company exploring the LGBT experience. This summer Teen-Versionary rehearsed and presented queerSpawn by Mallery Avidon on Diversionary’s Historic Mainstage.

Teen-Versionary is unique, producing a new play exploring the LGBT experience, and the ensemble is comprised of LGBT teens and their allies, creating a safe space to creatively explore the story and characters. Through a two week intensive rehearsal process, the teen ensemble will get a taste of a professional theatre process in a fast paced environment where a new play is fully produced in two weeks.

queerSpawn tells the story of The Kid, a fourteen-year-old starting high school in a small town. Everyone knows he has two moms, and that’s just  the beginning of his trouble. While dodging bullies, The Kid conjures imaginary allies, including sex/relationship advice columnist Dan Savage and Dr. McSteamy from TV’s Grey’s Anatomy. This provocative, hilarious and poignant new play takes an unflinching look at what it means to be a teen today, and the persisting stigma around the LGBT identity.   

Folks aged 13 to recent high school graduates are welcome to apply for a position in Teen-Versionary. Anyone who wants to feel part of something special to apply is encouraged to apply. Because of the advance timeline, some theatrical experience is also encouraged, but not prerequisite.

Tuition: $400 for two weeks. Some Full and Partial Scholarships are available.

To enroll CLICK HERE

Please contact  our Education Associate with any questions:

619.220.6830 x109

    “The Play”

    September 10th -December 17 , 2018 (Every Monday for 12 Weeks)

    No class November 12th, 19th or 26th. (Holidays)
    3:45 pm -4:45 pm – Birney Elementary, Room 2
    $110 per student for all twelve weeks!

    Calling all Birney 3rd through 5th graders! Our neighborhood theater is excited
    to present your very own theatre club where you can work on a scripted play and express yourself with your friends!

    Learn all about what it takes to do a play on stage, flex your imagination and express
    your point of view. Every Monday, we will be building your theatre skills
    through: self-expression, collaboration and creativity. The program’s finale will
    be a presentation of a short play for friends and family held on the last day of class.


    For additional information contact
    Skyler Sullivan at

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    Everyone has a story to tell. Diversionary Theatre invites LGBT Seniors to join its first-ever performance ensemble The Stonewall Salon culminating in a showcase presentation March 2nd and 3rd. The focus of the ensemble will be to investigate the stories you have to tell, while learning valuable theatre, storytelling and performance techniques to bring what you have to say to life on the stage.

    Beginning January 16thThe Stonewall Salon will meet twice a week at Diversionary over a seven-week period to work on storytelling, acting, improv, and writing, and create their own ensemble-based show to share with the community. Our rehearsals will be on Tuesday and Thursdays from 10:00AM- 12:00PM at Diversionary Theatre.

    The Stonewall Salon is an extension of Diversionary’s FREE Acting series: The Silver Squad. Diversionary Theatre has welcomed over 100 San Diego seniors and their allies since April of 2016 to study acting, improvisation, and storytelling. Diversionary Theatre is excited to evolve this program a step further and offer a long term artistic experience. 

    “I am thrilled to be offering this unique experience to San Diego’s lifetime learners. I’m inspired by older adults because of their life experience, and emotional depth. I look forward to working with these folks and helping them to tell the stories that need to be told.” – Skyler Sullivan, Education Associate, Diversionary Theatre. 


    Contact: Skyler Sullivan Education Associate
    Phone: 619-220-6830 x109 | E-mail:

    The Stonewall Salon 2019

    When: Tuesday and Thursday mornings 10:00 AM-12:00 PMJanuary 15th to March 2nd.
    Performances: March 1st and 2nd at 2:00 PM
    Where: Diversionary Theatre
    Cost: FREE
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    Everyone has a story to tell. Diversionary Theatre invites LGBTQ Seniors 55 and up to join its first-ever performance ensemble The Silver Squad. The focus of the ensemble is to investigate the stories you have to tell, while learning valuable theatre, storytelling and performance techniques to bring what you have to say to life on the stage.


    Drop In Class:

    Gain confidence, make new friends, and learn about the art of theatre as we create a supportive environment to explore your creative voice, and connect with others in The Silver Squad. Our Drop in classes are a good way to get a sample of what it is like to come study with us before committing to a longer class. We focus on two performance skills each session, that may include:  Acting, Improv, Movement, Writing, Storytelling, Music, Voice and Speech, Circus, and much more! No commitment, and they are Free!

    Upcoming Drop-In Dates:


    May 26th  – Improvisation (Improv)

    Acting: We will explore the tools of the actor: Voice, Body, and imagination. Come in with a willingness to play and connect with others. This will take you through the nuts and bolts of standing on a stage and starting your artistic journey as an actor. Good for beginners, and experts alike. Think of this like playing scales for a musician.

    Improv: What happens onstage when there is no script? Improv is a great way to flex the muscles of the mind, and create all new material every time! We will play games to unlock our creative potential, and then jump into some short scenes that you will create on the spot.

    Diversionary Theatre
    Call  Skyler at 619-220-6830 x 109 for more information.


    Skyler Sullivan is an actor and arts educator transplanted from New York. While in NYC, he worked with The New Victory Theatre for ten years as a veteran teaching artist, where he honed his skills as a curriculum developer, and facilitator. He has also been a teacher and site director for Circus Minimus for the past 15 years and enjoyed four seasons on the faculty of the Sitka Fine Arts Camp in Sitka, AK. Other NYC teaching credits include: The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, the Professional Performing Arts School, and on-set coaching on two P.B.S. shows: Sesame Street and The Electric Company. Skyler is thrilled to be working with Diversionary Theatre as it continues its tradition of arts education and outreach. Currently in San Diego he also teaches for The Old Globe, Fern Street Circus, and The La Jolla Playhouse. In addition he works with Healthy Humor as a therapeutic clown. Keep an eye open to learn about upcoming classes and opportunities. Education: B.F.A. in acting Emerson College, M.F.A. in Acting Brooklyn College.

  • impact1

    Arts Education Company In-Residence
    Diversionary Theatre is pleased to welcome impACT On Stage as our Arts Education Organization In Residence. ImpACT on Stage is a nonprofit organization that uses live theater to do programming in schools, colleges, workplaces, and community centers about bullying, sexual assault, and substance abuse issues.

    Through a variety of programs battling such issues as bullying, consent and sexual violence, alcohol and drug abuse, and workplace discrimination, impACT makes a difference in the lives of students and adults around the world. Each program includes our proprietary curriculum, tied to the California Common Core standards, that covers the terminology used in the live performances and begins to establish the scope and scale of each issue. ImpACT provides students and employees with engaging resources that are both informational and accessible, while teachers and bosses receive specific lesson-plans covering ways to have meaningful and successful conversations about these issues.


    For more information, please visit impACT at

  • “The authenticity of the performances as well as the pre and post show Q and A provided learning experiences for my students that they will never forget. This was the first time many of my students have met and interacted with people who identify as part of the LGBT community. I could see the relief and delight on many of my already identifying students as they watched and talked with people who were ‘just like them’.”
    Kelsey Zeran, Classroom Teacher at Fulton Middle School
    “Our Diversionary field trips provide opportunities to promote the arts and arts awareness to our students, some of whom can’t afford theatre tickets, or wouldn’t have gone outside their comfort zone to see Diversionary’s provocative pieces.”
    Jeannine Marquis, Classroom Teacher at Canyon Crest Academy
    “Working with the Skyler and the Diversionary theater has helped transform my students into thinking about theater as a vehicle for change.  I am honored to have such an incredible working experience with their educational program.  It has enriched my classroom and made a deep impression on my students and the way I teach my class.  Thank you! “
    Jennifer Howard,  appreciative teacher at HTHNC
    “I never miss an opportunity to drive on a field trip to the theater, and the Diversionary Theater did not disappoint me with their show Amazons and their Men.”
    Denise Bos, HTHNC parent
    “What struck me walking into your classroom was the collaboration between community leaders (Diversionary Theater) and students sitting in a circle discussing the play after they had seen the performance.”
    Isaac Jones, Director, High Tech High North County


  • A heartfelt Thank You to Diversionary’s Arts Education supporters who make our work in the San Diego community possible:

    Support progressive Arts Education today!



    If you are interested in attending a matinee, please contact  our Education Associate about arranging your group:

    619.220.6830 x 109