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  • Diversionary Theatre will be holding an open call for its upcoming 2019/20 season. Please see the show descriptions and casting breakdown for information on which specific roles we are seeking actors for. The open call will take place on Sunday, July 7thand Monday, July 8thfrom 6-10pm at Diversionary Theatre.

    Each actor will be given a four-minute slot. You will be asked to perform two contrasting monologues that should not exceed four minutes combined, or, if you would like to be considered for the musicals, one monologue and one acapella selection that should not exceed four minutes combined.

    Please fill out the online form that can be found at the following link:



    Please select your first and second choice for hour-long blocks of time in which you are available to have your four-minute audition scheduled. We will do our best to accommodate you and will respond to you with an email once auditions have been scheduled. Submitting a response does not guarantee you an audition time.

    If you have any questions, please email Thanks so much and we can’t wait to see your work!


    Diversionary Theatre 2019/20 Season Casting Information


    Girlfriend (2019)

    Music and Lyrics: Matthew Sweet
    Book: Todd Almond
    Director: Stephen Brotebeck
    Rehearsals: Aug 13th-Sept 11th
    Performances: Sept 12th– Oct 20th

    It’s 1993 and mixtapes are the language of love. Set in the American heartland during the summer between high school and whatever comes next, College-bound jock Mike and self-assured but aimless Will find themselves drawn to each other. Their rush of first love full of excitement, confusion, and passion, forges an unlikely bond neither were expecting. Told to the power-pop precision of Matthew Sweet’s seminal rock album, Girlfriendis a vibrant new musical about the terror and thrill of discovering yourself, and the life you want to lead.

    Will-The role of Will has been cast.

    Mike-Male, 18-25, any ethnicity. A classic All-American jock type. At times reserved. Huge music lover. He exudes a natural charm, but with a tension that comes from just coming to terms with his sexuality. Type A, he longs for a life anywhere but home. Strong rock voice and plays basic guitar.

    The Santaland Diaries (2019)

    Playwright: Joe Mantello / David Sedaris
    Director: Anthony Methvin
    Rehearsals: Oct 22nd– Nov 20th
    Performances: Nov 21st– Dec 22nd

    From the brilliantly twisted mind of David Sedaris comes a classic tonic for the holidaze. Out of work and options, The Santaland Diaries finds Crumpet as he begins his career as an elf in Macy’s Santaland during the holiday crunch.  Battling throngs of rabid families clamoring towards a drunken Santa to satiate their Christmas fix, Crumpet makes do with some hilarious observations on human nature, and an unexpected connection to the holiday spirit.

    Crumpet– Male, 25-35, any ethnicity. Crumpet is an out of work writer in need of holiday cash, who takes a job as an elf at Macy’s Department store. Actor should have strong comedic instincts with a natural charm, a biting wit, and an open heart.


    A Kind of Weather (2020)

    Playwright: Sylvan Oswald
    Director: Beatrice Basso
    Rehearsals: Jan 7th– Feb 5th
    Performances: Feb 6th– Mar 8th

    When Kid’s grieving father pops up at his Brooklyn doorstep and asks to move in, it kinda puts a cramp in his sex life. Not to mention the completion of his memoir about his gender transition. As he struggles to keep his professional and romantic deadlines, revelations about his family history begin to subvert his own narrative. A hilarious, time-jumping, tragi-comedy exploring gender identity and its effect on family, A Kind of Weather is about learning to be who you already are.


    Kid– The role of Kid has been cast.

    Grey– The role of Grey has been cast.

    Rose– Female, 30-40, person of color. Editorial rising star. Confident professionally. Emotionally grounded and stable with great capacity for love and patience,but also boundaries.

    Janice– Female, 45-55, any ethnicity. Grounded in her sensuality. Autonomous in her power. Self-knowing. Charismatic, especially publicly.

    Rick- Male, 35-45, person of color. Publishing house executive. Principled. He has worked hard for this without throwing anyone under the bus. Prides himself on protecting his people. Queer.


    Plot Points in Our Sexual Development (2020)

    Playwright: Miranda Rose Hall
    Director: Kym Pappas
    Rehearsals: Feb 25th– Mar 25th
    Performances: Mar 26th– April 26th

    Theo and Cecily are at a dire crossroads in their relationship and need to come clean with the details of their sexual histories. As they excavate their past encounters, the truth of their experiences begins to undermine the very foundation of their relationship. A contemporary queer love story, Plot Points in Our Sexual Development explores the intersection of gender and intimacy, and the dangers of revealing yourself to the person you love.

    Theo- Transmasculine/genderqueer, 30s, white. Attempting to lay bare a previously undisclosed sexual history to the ciswoman they love. Grounded, kind, compassionate, wounded-but-hopeful, a buoyant sense of humor, highly verbal.

    Cecily- The role of Cecily has been cast.


    Head Over Heels (2020)

    Songs: The Go-Go’s
    Book: Jeff Whitty / James Magruder
    Director: Matt M. Morrow
    Rehearsals: April 21st– 20th
    Performances: May 21st– June 28th

    From the visionary behind Avenue Qcomes a bold new Broadway musical fairytale where “Once Upon a Time” crashes into right now. In the mythical land of Arcadia, the royal family is challenged to set out on a journey to save their beloved kingdom from extinction. Through their adventure gender roles are upended, relationships liberated, and love is discovered in the most surprising of ways. Told to the hypnotic beat of the iconic 80’s all-girl rock band The Go-Go’s, Head Over Heels joyously unveils a path to a new world where diversity is celebrated and ladies lead!

    Musidorus- Male, 20-29, any ethnicity.Guileless and fearless shepherd who loves Philoclea; discovers another side to himself when forced to cross-gender; should be proficient in physical comedy and classical text.

    Pamela- Female, 20-29, any ethnicity. The favored, beautiful older princess; willful, self-dramatizing, obsessed with appearances; a good egg underneath it all; should be a fierce belter and proficient with classical text.

    Philoclea- Female, 20-29, any ethnicity. The younger, plainer princess; strong-willed but loyal to family; would give up the privileges of royalty if she could settle down with the shepherdMusidorus, whom she loves; should be strong singer and proficient with classical text.

    Mopsa- Female, 20-29, any ethnicity. Handmaiden to Pamela and daughter of Dametas; wise beyond her years and has grown up without a mom; should be strong singer and proficient with classical text.

    Gynecia- Female, 35-39, any ethnicity. Queen of Arcadia; sexy and wise; life with her husband isn’t what it used to be but she still loves him and knows how to deal with him; should bestrong singer and proficient with classical text.

    Basilius- Male, 35-59, any ethnicity. King of Arcadia; sexy; a hothead but not a despot; wants to do the right thing but ego gets in the way; blindly thinks all is well in Arcadia; should bestrong singer and proficient with classical text.

    Dametas- Male, 35-59, any ethnicity. Prime Minister of Arcadia; wise and patient; loyal to Basilius; a widower who still harbors sorrow; should be proficient with classical text.

    Ensemble- Any gender, 20-39, any ethnicity. Fierce, sexy, playful citizens of Arcadia (multiple roles); should be strong dancers; singing also required.

    Pythio- The role of Pythio has been cast.




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