Intersectionality and Justice


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  • On September 4th, 2020 we hosted a the second panel in our Intersectionality and Justice series. Diversionary’s Artistic Fellow, Andréa Agosto moderated the Panel Discussion, which included panelists Kenny Ramos, Kim Heil, Kimberley King, and Jorj Chisam.

    On June 25th, 2020 we hosted a conversation aimed at unpacking how intersectionality affects us as individuals, artists, and groups, how intersecting identities are systematically mistreated on varying levels, and what can be done as individuals and groups to create change. This was a big conversation, and while we know we won’t solve everything with one discussion, we can learn where to start, together.


    Panelists included Kian Kline ChiltonKandace CrystalAugust Turner SonnenbergDaniel Jáquez

    Moderated by Andréa Agosto

  • Panel Moderator Andréa  Agosto put together this resource worksheet to complement our discussion. You can download it here.

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