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Hi there my Diversionary family, Matt Morrow, here, Executive Artistic Director, I miss you all.
Like most of you, I’m at home. Working from home.
Still at home. How long has it been? I think I’m starting to lose track.

Just kidding!

I’m just gonna take a moment here and give you a brief update. All of us here at diversionary are doing just fine if a little stir-crazy.
Our staff is still together and we meet regularly via zoom. We are doing our best to adjust to the moment as I’m sure you are,
Even as the moment keeps evolving by the second. For me, this crisis entered a new level when we lost two of our theater greats, actor Mark Blum and playwright Terrence McNally. As a way of honoring McNally my husband and I watched the 2018 Documentary on his life called Every Act of Life and it is an extraordinary look inside his career, his personal life, and the incredible legacy he leaves behind.I mean, I had no idea that he and Edward Albee were a thing. I mean talk about the ultimate power couple! You have to check it out. It’s called Every Act of Life.
Skyler and I watched via Amazon Prime, but I’m sure there are other ways to stream it.

So, there is a lot that we don’t know right now, and that’s going to be the case for some time.
But here are a few things that we do know:
We are starting a regular communication with you about what our staff is up to and what’s keeping them safe and sane at home during this quarantine. Our staff is going to be posting videos about what they’re up to in terms of home projects as a way of keeping in touch and providing some sort of inspiration or maybe at least a smile. Since production is on hold right now. Our artistic wing has pivoted and we are putting together a zoom reading of Terrence McNally’s beautiful masterpiece Frankie and Johnny at the Clair de Lune – more details on that to come. Kid-Versionary our after-school program has jumped online as well. So we’re still staying connected to all of the young people we were reaching with our vital LGBT arts education programming and we’re planning our next Silver Squad – our program reaching LGBTQIA Senior citizens – so stay tuned for dates on that. Our virtual gala The Royal Uprising Ball is coming together as a fun high-energy virtual party. So stay tuned for that as well. And I’m starting to sense a trend here. Everything is moving online.This is great and important because it’s the only way we can connect right now andI am grateful that we have this platform. I don’t know about you, but my technical capabilities have been improved significantly over the past week. But to be honest with you, it’s important for me and for my sanity to slow down, unplug, and take some time for myself during this chaotic period ,to take a step back and consider how our world functions to take the time to rest, and read a book, write in a journal, and ponder some big questions about how we connect right now. The good, the bad, and most importantly the changeable. So that when we do come back we can return as an energized,focused, force for change and have the force to make our community radically kind radically generous and radically loving. I hope that all of you are able to take some time in this way too. I believe it is an important part of what this moment is really all about. I do look forward to the day we can all be together again in our cozy Theatre on Park Boulevard.

Until then know that I love you all and that I wish for you safety, security, and comfort during this uncertain time. Take good care of yourself and each other.

“Skyler Sullivan has challenged me to learn the theme song to The Golden Girls. Depending on how long this sequester goes, I might get really good at playing that song. So you can test me in the lobby sometime. We;lll see if I can hammer out some “Thank you for being a friend” on the piano in the lobby. It’ll give me something to do.

We’re still cranking. We’re getting ready to announce some details about our digital gala that’s coming up, it will be online, virtual, and it will be a lot of fun. We’re excited to work on that – We’ve been working really hard to organize that for ya’ll. It Should be entertaining and give you something to do for a night.

We just thank you all for your support. We feel it. We’re also here for you, I hope you know that and feel that. We are blessed to be a part of a community – the LGBT community but now a part of this global community as we work on surviving this. I feel your love, I love you back. We’ll see you soon.” – Jenny

“I miss everybody. I missed the staff at Diversionary, I miss
our incredible artists, and incredible patrons, and supporters. I hope that you all stay safe. I hope that you stay sane, and most of all just take care of
yourselves and each other. See you on the other side of all this.”

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