Stop Asian Hate.


Diversionary Theatre believes that we cannot stand for the voices, rights, and freedom of any marginalized group without standing for those same rights for all people, all communities, all colors, and all cultures. We stand in solidarity with the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities in condemning the deplorable and continuing acts of violence being perpetrated against AAPI community members.  

We recognize that these horrific and brutal events that we are witnessing are on the increase in response to the erroneous rhetoric regarding the current global pandemic. We also recognize that the underlying racism and violence to this community is not new and that our AAPI community members have been suffering unwitnessed. It is time for this blindness to end.  We stand with the AAPI community and with anyone whose voices are being silenced, unheard, and whose bodies are being brutalized, and whose rights are being suppressed. We stand with you. We mourn with you. We fight with you.

Beyond our condemnation of the hate speech and violence being perpetrated, Diversionary Theatre also commits to engaging directly with these issues as part of our ongoing and evolving anti-racism plan. We realize that these changes start from within. We are invested in making society a more just and equitable place, free from fear and prejudice. We are committed to continuing this work to end the wave of hate against the AAPI community.  There is no fighting for the rights of one group of marginalized people without fighting for the rights of all marginalized people.

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