Press Release: Andréa Agosto Joins Diversionary


September 18th, 2020



Diversionary Theatre in University Heights, San Diego, is thrilled to announce that Andréa Agosto will be joining their team as part of Diversionary’s new Artistic Fellow program. The Artistic Fellow program will serve to elevate and train a future LGBTQ BIPOC artistic producer who will collaborate on programming and production as a peer, working eye to eye with theatre leadership.  This position has been created as part of Diversionary Theatre’s anti-racism action plan in addressing WE SEE YOU WHITE AMERICAN THEATRE and Black Lives Matter. It will be a rotating opportunity to help foster and elevate LGBTQ BIPOC leaders in the theatre.

Agosto has been on stage many times at Diversionary (HOMOS, CARDBOARD PIANO, SIGNIFICANT OTHER, BULL IN A CHINA SHOP). About her addition to the team, Executive Artistic Director, Matt M. Morrow, says “I’m thrilled to welcome Andrea Agosto as Diversionary’s inaugural Artistic Fellow! She is not only a Diversionary fave, but also a San Diego theatre star, and a viciously talented theatre artist and educator. I’m grateful for her partnership in launching this program designed to elevate and give voice to future generations of LGBTQ BIPOC theatre leaders. I look forward to collaborating with Andrea on our work all season long! “

Regarding joining Diversionary and launching the new Artistic Fellow Agosto says, “I am looking forward to being on the front lines of creating and producing meaningful theatre and theatrical opportunities and advocating for LGBTQ BIPOC artists and works.

ANDRÉA AGOSTO (She/They) is a performing arts educator, and performer, Andréa Agosto is ecstatic to be working with Diversionary in a new position. The majority of her San Diego stage credits are at Diversionary (A Kind of Weather, Significant Other, Bull in a China Shop and Homos or Everyone in America). Agosto attended UMKC where she studied film and theatre. For her graduate studies, she looked towards language, literacy, and sociocultural studies. She believes the marriage of her arts and sociocultural studies has informed how she views the arts, as well as how she discusses the two which is evident in the Intersectionality and Justice panels she facilitated for Diversionary. She aims to continue exploring these issues, and advocating for LGBTQ BIPOC artists.For press inquires, please contact or call Managing Director, Jenny Case at 619.220.6830 x 201


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