Kid-Versionary Continues Online!

A Note From Our Education Team:
We hope that you and your families are safe and doing your best in these challenging times. This is a gift to your family, for being a part of ours. Here at Diversionary, we are plugging away to continue to bring you our unique experiences with the performing arts in a new venue!

  • CALLING  3rd – 5th GRADERS!
    Hosted by Birney Elementary, Open to Everyone!

    Join a fun online club exploring theatre! Each week focuses on a different aspect of theatre: improvisation, puppetry, character development, and creating scenes.

    Each Monday will build theatre skills, flex the imagination, and push the boundaries of creative performance possibilities online. Learn what it takes to perform a play online with a live zoom presentation on the final day!



    This program is offered free of charge!

    For more information contact Skyler Sullivan:



    Our neighborhood professional theater is excited to present your very own improv theatre club where you can be loud, be yourself… or be someone else!

    Every Monday we will be working as a group building our improv theatre skills, increasing self-expression, story-telling, collaboration and creativity. Using improv, physical comedy, and movement, you’ll get a taste of what’s possible when there is no script.

    A finale presentation for friends and family will be held online the last day of class!


    This program is offered free of charge!

    For more information contact Skyler Sullivan:


  • Check back for future programming. Be sure to join our mailing list for updates. 

    For additional information about Kid-Versionary contact Skyler Sullivan at

  • To give you some resources to help you engage with your kids, here are some improv based games that you can play with them. Our Diversionary Education Team has put their brains together on how to keep the spirit of improvisation alive. This is a great opportunity for you and your students to “play” at home! We encourage the whole family to participate in some creative fun.

    Below are some links to videos to use as refreshers and inspiration that are simple to discern and would be fun to try out with the family. You can also view the entire improv party on our youtube channel, here.

    Five Things! This video goes over the basic rules. We invite you to get creative with the categories. You can start small with categories like types of cars, and you can get wacky with categories like made up holidays that you wish existed. This is a fun game that you can play during dinner, or as a break from school work.


    Rules of Improva short, fast and fierce overview of Improv Rules that will be wonderful reminders to the students as well as invaluable touchstones for any NEW improv-ers in your household.



    Brief Improv Lesson with TINA FEYA fun clip which is part of a larger sit-down interview of Tina Fey discussing her work as an improv genius.



    Improv Warm-ups & ExercisesA litany of possible warm-ups and exercises that your student would LOVE to learn and engage with you.



    How to “Taxi” – Improv Game – An exact breakdown of the game students have been engaging in class.




    Yes And: This is the game that is the foundation for all improv scenes and games. This video gives you a brief overview of the game. Bonus: Use the Yes And concept to brainstorm activities you can do once you are allowed to go out .



    The Chair Game: This game allows you to practice the Yes, And concept. It is a two person game where one person is sitting, while the other is standing. The person standing have to give a reason for the person to stand up and give up the seat. Watch this video to see this game in action.


    Second City Kids Camp: Check out this 33 min video highlighting footage from The Second City Kids camp. They play fun games like Do Run, and Hitchhiker.



    Crazy 8’s: This is a silly game that will allow the kids to release energy, especially when they have been cramped up inside. Click Here to see the video with the demo.



    What are you doing: This is a game that we have played a few times in class that will allow for movement & thinking on your feet. Click Here to see the video with the demo.



    Improv Principle: Focus on the Here and Now
    One of the core improv principles is to focus on the here and now. A scene is about the people in the scene. Focus on what is going on right this at this moment.


    Hi! I’m Skyler from Diversionary. Are you sick of being stuck at home? Sick of staring at your computer all day? Sick of zoom classes and zoom meetings? Well, have I got a challenge for you! Welcome to Diversionary Theatre’s photo scavenger hunt! Grab a mask, grab your family, grab some friends, and grab a device that takes pictures… because you’re going to see how many things on
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  • HeadGreen.JPGSkyler Sullivan is an actor, director and arts educator transplanted from New York City. In NYC he taught with The New Victory Theatre, The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, and he was on-set acting coaching on two P.B.S. shows: Sesame Street and The Electric Company. Currently in San Diego he is the Director of Arts Education and Outreach at Diversionary Theatre. In addition Skyler is a therapeutic clown with Healthy Humor, in residency in two hospitals. B.F.A and M.F.A in Acting.
    Lettie S. De Anda has a Masters in theatre and besides teaching, she enjoys directing and acting. Lettie also teaches for La Jolla Playhouse, San Diego Jr Theatre, an after school program within a private school in San Diego, as well as a homeschool program. She’s been teaching for 20 years and her passion is working with students of all ages to help them attain self-confidence, and teach them how to harness their own creativity. Lettie believes all students can benefit and gain many skills from acting regardless if they continue their studies in this field.

    Wilfred Paloma (Birney Program) is a California based artist with an M.A. in Theatre Arts at San Diego State University and holds a B.A. in Theatre Performance: Acting and Musical Theatre. Wilfred is also a graduate of the MCIT Acting Studio and is a member of the Actors’ Equity Association. In addition to Diversionary Theatre, Wilfred is a teaching artist with the California Center of the Arts, Arts for Learning San Diego, La Jolla Playhouse, Young Actors’ Theater, Playwright’s Project, JCompany, and San Diego Junior Theatre. Selected Production credits: Directing – Potion (Moxie),  School of Rock (JT), R+J (SDSU); Choreographer – Hunchback of Notre Dame (JT), Más (SDSU), Mamma Mia (YAT), Hall Pass (Blindspot Collective).Wilfred also actively engages in social justice-centered work with Blindspot Collective and performs on various stages in San Diego. Listen to Wilfred on Spotify and iTunes on the original cast recording of the musical The Things We Never Say featured on the track “Coronado Lights”. wilfredpaloma.comGary Ware (Roosevelt Program) (He/Him/His) is an educator and facilitator with nearly a decade of experience as a performer in improv theatre. He assists students of all ages with unlocking creativity, confidence, collaboration with experiential methods grounded in improv thinking and the psychology of play. Gary has worked as a teaching artist with The La Jolla Playhouse and Finest City Improv. He has performed at various theaters in the San Diego and Los Angeles area.

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