Arts Education Company In-Residence

Diversionary Theatre is pleased to welcome impACT On Stage as our Arts Education Organization In Residence. ImpACT on Stage is a nonprofit organization that uses live theater to do programming in schools, colleges, workplaces, and community centers about bullying, sexual assault, and substance abuse issues.

Through a variety of programs battling such issues as bullying, consent and sexual violence, alcohol, and drug abuse, and workplace discrimination, impACT makes a difference in the lives of students and adults around the world. Each program includes our proprietary curriculum, tied to the California Common Core standards, that covers the terminology used in the live performances and begins to establish the scope and scale of each issue. ImpACT provides students and employees with engaging resources that are both informational and accessible, while teachers and bosses receive specific lesson-plans covering ways to have meaningful and successful conversations about these issues.

For more information, please visit impACT at



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